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Mar 3 2016

Budiey (Facebook): Selesai sudah percutian Budiey di Jakarta Indonesia

Selesai sudah percutian Budiey di Jakarta Indonesia. Perjalanan kali ini lebih selesa dgn Transitions® Signature™ Lenses. Sangat jelas dan ianya sangat fleksibel dipakai bila-bi...

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Feb 24 2016

Bobby Tonelli’s Instagram: Cycling Shot

Kicking off the new year on one of the most anticipated bikes to come out from Cipollini, the NK1K! Brought it out for it's virgin ride this morning and I'm still smiling! Big ...

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Feb 15 2016

Bobby Tonelli’s Instagram: Motivational Monday Selfie

If someone tells you that you have enough glasses and you don't need anymore, stop talking to them. You don't need that negativity in your life. Happy Monday😆 #cutlera...

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Feb 13 2016

Gerald Koh’s Instagram: 987FiveSauceDay

Always feeling safe at @987fm hangouts! My eyes have no fear of the outdoors cos the sun ain't gonna put me down with my Transitions Lenses :) #LifeInTheBestLight #TransitionsO...

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Feb 9 2016

Gerald Koh’s Instagram: Chinese New Year Greeting

From the Koh family for the first time! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Visiting with my trusty transitions lenses on 🍊🍊 #LifeInTheBestLight #TransitionsOptical #Transitionslenses #Transiti...

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Feb 9 2016

Bobby Tonelli’s Instagram : Chinese New Year Greeting

新春快乐,心想事成。身体健康,大吉大利。 Transitions© -ing into the Lunar New Year, I would like to wish you all the good things in 2016. May all your dreams come true, may you have the best of he...

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Jan 31 2016

Gerald Koh’s Instagram: Transitions lenses outdoors at Nara Park, Japan

Always ready for a selfie anywhere under the sun 😉 even with Brandon. The deer. #LifeInTheBestLight #TransitionsOptical #Transitionslenses #TransitionsXTRActive #SP

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Jan 26 2016

Kid Chan: Glasses by Lindbergh and Transitions Lenses

Today on Oriental Daily. Glasses by Lindbergh & Transitions Lenses.

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Jan 24 2016

Gerald Koh’s Instagram: Transitions lenses in the 987fm studio

Harsh light!!!!!! Glares!! Yup even in the @987fm studio. Still protected 😁 #LifeInTheBestLight #TransitionsOptical #Transitionslenses #TransitionsXTRActive #SP

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Jan 22 2016

Kid Chan: Customised Lindbergh eyewear by #Transititions Signature Lenses

Update: podcast available now at or click on profile like Taking "make yourself at home" slightly to literally at BFM's pantry. Going on air with@rich...

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