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Dec 21 2014 Retail Therapy - Transitions® Signature lenses

My Christmas retail therapy continues with me wanting anything that's an upgrade to whatever I have. After getting a new pair of shades from Malaya Optical, I also gotten a new ...

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Nov 14 2014

Transition to Better Sight

Transitions lenses are a true multitasker that solves the problem from switching to glasses and sunglasses

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Nov 6 2014

Life Well Lit With Transitions Signature Lenses

Transitions Optical introduces their range of photochromic lenses

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Nov 5 2014

Perfect Transition

Transition Lenses comes in handy for bespectacled people

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Nov 4 2014

Transitions rancang hasil kanta lebih murah

Transitions Optical plans to produce lenses at affordable prices

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Nov 1 2014

Family & Life: Squint and You Might Miss It

If atropine eye drops aren’t your cup of tea, you can also opt for photochromic glasses. There is a common misconception that photochromic spectacles i.e. lenses that darken whe...

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Nov 1 2014

SHAPE magazine: This Frame Fits!

Pick Your Lenses Fit your glasses with something that matches your needs. If you’re… Miss Clumsy: Accident-prone and frequently drops her glasses Type: Scratch-resistant ...

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Oct 31 2014

Daya Reaktif Kanta Mata

Berita Harian talks about the latest Transitions Signature Lenses that uses the latest chromea7 technology

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Oct 9 2014

Transitions Optical Releases The New Transitions Signature Lenses

Budiey talks about the newly launched Transitions Signature 7

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Oct 3 2014

Kanta mata kalis silau

KOSMO talks about Transitions Signature 7 and its adaptive ability

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