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When you live an active lifestyle, you don’t just want to protect and correct your vision, you want to enhance the way you see the world no matter where you are or what you’re doing. When it comes to eyewear for your lifestyle, we’ve got a solution. When it comes to caring for your eye health we bring you the experts…

Jason Leong, Optometrist
Eyedesign Eyewear in NSW

For general wellbeing it’s important to assess how your eyes cope with your day-to-day activities. Our brain recognises when our eyes need help and we can experience symptoms like eyestrain, headaches, and decrease in cognitive productivity.

Glasses are now a sophisticated functional aid, tailored for individuals thanks to today’s cutting-edge lens technology. Prescriptions can be individualised based on lifestyle and daily activities, so you can perform to the best of your mental and physical ability – not just see sharper or clearer.

If you play outdoor sports, or have a job which involves working outdoors, you would benefit from lenses which block UV rays and adjust to sunlight. For example, Transitions adaptive lenses provide 100% UV protection while adapting their tint to changing light conditions – bright sun, shade and everything in between.

Maria Hill, Optometrist
Eyes on Brighton VIC

A visit to your optometrist every two years helps to identify warning signs of debilitating conditions, like pterygium and melanoma which can develop through excessive exposure to UV rays.

It’s also an opportunity to assess if you are getting the support you need from your eyewear every day. We ask patients about their job, what situations they have trouble seeing in and what sports or outdoor activities they do.

All this valuable information ensures your optometrist can provide eyecare recommendations to protect you and help you see your best every day.

Hugh Stephens, Optometrist
Aspley House Optical QLD

Subtle differences to your lenses can make a big difference to your overall wellbeing.

The modern skills of Optometry can keep people up to date with good eye health practises. As optometrists we have an obligation to give patients our time and knowledge, which goes beyond a prescription – it also includes consideration of lifestyle and the different situations your eyes face each day.

Aphrodite Livanes, Optometrist
Eyecare Plus Alexandra Hills QLD

If you’ve been to see your optometrist recently, you may recall them asking about your lifestyle and what activities you do regularly. This is because most people spend approximately 80% of their time trying on frames, but only 20% considering the lenses they will be looking through.

But glasses wearers should consider how their lenses protect them from environmental factors.

In Queensland we need to be more conscientious of UV rays and how the sun’s glare affects vision. No matter our lifestyle we’re all exposed to damaging UV and distracting glare. While glare causes daily discomfort, it is managed simply by choosing adaptive lenses or antireflective coatings.

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