As the creator of the number-one eyecare professional-recommended photochromic lenses worldwide, we are proud of our history of continuous innovation.


Timeline 1990-2014

Transitions® Signature lenses are launched. These lenses are fully clear indoors and provide a superior wearing experience outdoors due to breakthrough Chromea7 technology – the new dye formulation allows the lenses to be more reactive to indirect and reflected sunlight.


Transitions® Vantage™ lenses are launched.  These groundbreaking lenses feature variable polarization, which means that they are virtually clear indoors and darken and polarize outdoors.  

Nike® Max Transitions® sunglasses are launched.  Paul Casey, PGA tour professional, makes a hole-in-one at Doral while wearing his Nike® Max Transitions® Golf Tint sunglasses.


Transitions Optical introduced Transitions® XTRActive® lenses, with new technology that allows the lenses to get extra dark and activate behind the windshield.

Callaway® NEOX® Transitions sunglasses were launched.
Transitions Optical expanded its photochromic motorcycle helmet shield product offering through its partnership with Bell Helmets.


Transitions Optical continued to expand its family of brands with the Transitions® line of performance sunwear lenses and shields, specifically designed for outdoor activities.

Transitions Optical launched the first commercially viable photochromic shield for motorcycle helmets.


Lenses with the most advanced photochromic technology ever were released.  They changed faster than ever from clear indoors to dark outdoors, making changes in light almost imperceptible to most wearers. They also featured improved darkness in high temperatures.


A manufacturing facility in Thailand was opened.

Transitions® Drivewear® was launched, introducing the first polarized Transitions sun lens designed specifically to enhance vision for driving.

The next generation of Transitions® lenses was introduced, utilizing a more advanced technology to create lenses that are clearer indoors and darker outdoors.

“Eye Didn’t Know That!™,” the industry’s most extensive education campaign, was launched in the US.  This consumer education program included a traveling science center exhibit around the US, and still includes an education website, www.eyedidntknowthat.com, and a youth education program.

Transitions Optical launched its first photochromic sunwear product with Oakley.  Over the years, top athletes and Olympians have worn Oakley® Transitions® performance sunglasses.



Transitions® lenses became the first lenses ever to meet the requirements of the American Optometric Association of Ultraviolet Absorbers/Blockers.  This seal assures customers that they are receiving protection from UV light.





Transitions Optical continues to innovate, and lenses with even more advanced technology were launched, raising the bar for the photochromic performance of impact-resistant and ultrathin plastic eyeglass lenses.




The next generation of Transitions® lenses was introduced and the first Transitions® lenses made of impact-resistant Trivex® were produced.


Transitions® lenses were now available for virtually every prescription. And even those with stronger prescriptions could now wear Transitions lenses in thinner plastic lenses.



Production was expanded to the Philippines with a new facility.

A new production plant and sales force was built in Brazil.

Transitions® lenses III 1.50 were introduced.  Transitions lenses became available in impact-resistant polycarbonate material.


An even faster-acting specialty lens, Transitions® III lenses, were launched.
We opened our sales office in Canada.

The Transitions Academy, an annual gathering where industry professionals learn how to understand their customers and businesses from every angle, was held for the first time.





Offices were opened in Asia-Pacific and South America, and a production facility was opened in Australia.



Our global expansion began with a marketing office and manufacturing site in Europe.
Transitions® lenses became available for an even wider variety of prescriptions.

Transitions® Plus lenses were launched.




Manufacturing began in Pinellas Park, Florida. For the first time, people could buy lightweight plastic photochromic lenses.

Started as a joint venture between PPG Industries and Essilor International S.A., the brand-new company, Transitions Optical, Inc., was introduced to the industry.