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Pamper.my: Discover Your “Light” Personality and Celebrate #LifeInTheBestLight with Transitions ®

Light is an integral part of our life, which affects our emotion and spirit, as well as shapes the unique ways in which we each see the world. You can now discover your own Light Personality through a short quiz on Transitions® site and share with others how you see #LifeInTheBestLight! As a leading provider of photochromic technology to optical lens manufacturers with more than 20 years experience, Transitions® Optical offers state-of-the-art light management technology in virtually every major lens design and material. Transitions® Adaptive lenses help to harness the power of light and empower people to pursue their passions. Transitions® has picked top five places in the world that are “must visit” to celebrate #LifeInTheBestLight.