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Randy Lim’s Instagram: Transitions® XTRActive® Experience

Finally got my hands on the Transitions XTRActive lenses. As Singaporeans, we all know how insanely HOT the weather can be. Transitions lenses help to protect my eyes from the harmful UV rays. Now, no matter how bright the sun is, i don't have to worry about squinting my eyes when i'm out. (Yes i know my eyes are small enough) Another cool feature that i love about Transitions XTRActive is the ability to darken when i am behind the windscreen driving, so it protects my tiny eyes from the glaring sun. Also when you are indoor, there will be a slight tint to protect your eyes from the harsh indoor lighting. Transitions lenses are design to block 100% of UV rays so you don't have to worry about the rays harming your eyes.
Thank you Transitions Optical Singapore!

For more information on Transitions lenses, visit http://www.transitions.com/