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SHAPE magazine: This Frame Fits!

Pick Your Lenses Fit your glasses with something that matches your needs.

If you’re…
Miss Clumsy: Accident-prone and frequently drops her glasses
Type: Scratch-resistant
What it does: Has a clear scratch-resistant coating to create a harder surface for greater durability.

If you’re…
Miss Workaholic: Does a lot of computer work
Type: Anti-reflective
What it does: Has an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and reflection. Also suitable for night driving as it reduces the dazzle of headlights.

If you’re…
Miss Sunshine: Spends long hours outdoors
Type: UV-blocking
What it does: Coated with an invisible dye that blocks harmful UV rays from damaging eyes. Most plastic lenses have this protection.

If you’re…
Miss Mobile: Spends as much time indoors as she does outside
Type: Photochromic
What it does: Besides offering UV protection, these adaptive lenses automatically darken when exposed to UV light, and are clear when there’s no UV radiation (indoors or at night).

If you’re…
Miss Jetsetter: Moves between hot and cold environments
Type: Anti-fog
What it does: The coating prevents condensation of moisture from building up on the lenses.