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Nylon Singapore: Comfier eyes starting now

Transitions Optical, Inc. has released its latest Transitions Signature lenses in Asia Pacific. Glasses wearers should rejoice – the new lenses promise greater adaptability to different types of lighting conditions, providing a more comfortable wearing experience. The Transitions Signature lenses feature an impressive-sounding Chromea7 technology, newly patented by Transitions Optical, and was tested using the new Life360 methodology – also patented by the company. More importantly, they were tested for the Asian market. Lance Lim, Marketing Manager of Transitions Optical In Asia explains that they took care to ensure that the new lenses are adaptable to the high humidity experienced by countries near the Equator, as well as varying levels of cloud cover and indirect sunlight.

Transitions Signature lenses are currently available at all authorised eye care practitioners. For more information, visit http://www.transitions.com/en-sg/