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Superadrianme: New Transitions Signature Lenses – Protect Your Eyes Today

You know how troublesome it can be to take off and put on your sunglasses so frequently throughout the day. That will be worse if you are a speckie like me. This is where Transitions Lenses come in handy when we were approached to try them out. Even though these lenses are not a direct replacement for your sunglasses, it stills help to protect your eyes from UV lights.

The new Transitions Signature lenses comes with the new Chromea7 photochromic technology. This new technology makes it much more responsive so that it quickly & continuously adapts to the changing light conditions to 100% block out harmful UVA and UVB rays getting into your eyes. These lenses will also respond to indirect light reflected from building, cars, snow and other surfaces. Changing from clear to dark and dark to clear is so much faster than its predecessors.

Most of us will only put on our shades when we find the sun too glaring and neglect that fact that we are exposed to UV rays the moment we step outdoors (sometimes indoors too). Giving me clear & crisp vision indoors, stylishly dark & protective shades for outdoors, now I can have that peace of mind wherever I go and can reduce squinting my eyes on a sunny day.

Choosing The Right Frame For Transitions Lenses

Although Transitions Signature Lenses are designed to fit any prescription and frame, I feel that not all prescriptive frames will look good with dark shaded lenses. But this is subjective.

So when I was shopping for my frame, I kept reminding myself that I am looking for a pair of “sunglasses” so that it will look good when the lenses are either clear and shaded. So in the end, I chose this classic black plastic frame from Tag Heuer prescriptive frame that is kind of sporty with red inner rubber and silver plate on the temple.

I love how this Tag Heuer paired up with the Transitions Lenses during sunny days. It can play off as a pair of sunglasses if nobody knew they were Transitions Lenses. STUDIOUS when clear and COOL when shaded – exactly what I want to achieve with this frame.

Transitions Signature Lenses are priced from S$258 onwards. Check with your local optician for more details on the lenses and price.