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Men’s Health Online: Rudy Project Special: Progressive Sports Eyewear

Running with glasses might seem like a bane, but there is a right place for the right pair.

There is a form of grudging acceptance among some of my fellow bespectacled peers, especially when it comes to playing sports with our glasses on. Some do opt for the occasional contact lens but ultimately, convenience is compromised even if it’s just for a regular jog.

Running Woes
It’s downright uncomfortable to switch from one form of eyewear to another – spectacles to contact lenses - and after having a frame sit on my nose for years, nothing beats committing to the grind and sweat of running without battling the dryness that contacts bear.

A personal gripe I have when I run with my tortoise-shell frames, is when perspiration coats the temples of the eyewear and causes them to lose its grip. As I run, the bouncing motion throws the frames off balance, and that forces me to tip them back into place – constantly.

And therein lies the problem, some people have accepted this as part and parcel of having a non-perfect eyesight, perhaps, karma for not taking care of your eyes? But no, there ought to be a viable solution that would appease us.

Indeed, there is. Christmas came a tad early when I was told I could try out a pair of customised sports eyewear with frames from Rudy Project and fitted with prescriptive Transitions lenses. I’ve heard about the company, but getting sports eyewear with a prescriptive lens is a relatively new trend in Singapore – especially since I wasn’t a professional athlete.

The fitting session at its Sixth Avenue branch was a breeze. I hummed and hawed while attempting to pick a frame, before settling for a sleek, matte black Impulse SUF (Sport Utility Frame, top picture). It’s extremely lightweight, ergonomically designed and most importantly, it felt tough and durable. The personalised fit was a welcome bonus, but not a surprise since biometric engineers had something to do with it. Additionally, both the nose piece and temples are adjustable, unlike the rigid eyewear that so many of us own.

Sweet Performance
Two weeks later, I collected the customised gem and decided to take it for a 7km run after work. The adaptive XTRActive lenses from Transitions Optical worked to perfection, shutting out the searing rays of the evening sun and ensuring I could pound on without having to shield my eyes. This was possible since the lenses utilise a formulation of photochromic dyes that features a broad spectrum dye - specially designed to react seamlessly with UV and visible light.

Also, because of the glare protection that was afforded to me by the unique lenses, never for a second did I feel uncomfortable when the Transitions coating was taking effect.

Adjustable nosepiece.

As the distance grew, the frames felt as if they were an extension of my face, in sync with my bouncing, bumpy motion. I tossed in a few rigorous shakes of my head for the fun of it, but no, the glasses did not threaten to come off. Also, there was no fogging up of the lenses due to my body heating up from the workout, and this was a delightful surprise.

If I was gunning for a Personal Best, the Impulse SUF would be a good bet to aid my performance. Put simply, all I had to do was focus on my breathing patterns and running form. My eyes were well taken care of and my face, too. I was told that the integrated hinges and soft thermoplastic elastomers help to prevent injuries in the event of falls or collisions. Good news if you’re into extreme sports!

One more thing, if you dabble in more than one sport, this eyewear model has a superior optics solution for weather management. With an effective Quick Change interchangeable lenses system, one can switch lenses to suit any light conditions in record time. For now, the Transitions’ adaptive lenses would suffice, while my pair of Impulse SUV has made running no longer a chore.

For more information, please visit www.rudyproject.com.sg.

This story is brought to you by Rudy Project and Transitions Optical.