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Bobby Tonelli’s Facebook: Transitions #LifeInTheBestLightSG contest

As some of you know I'm working with Transitions Lenses to help spread the word about how their technology can help those of us that wear glasses. Transitions has allowed me to give away a pair of transition fitted eyewear worth about 800USD! On top of that you also qualify for a chance to win travel vouchers for New Zealand. Two ways to submit your entry:

1. Post a photo/video on Instagram with you in your glasses (be creative) and use the hashtags #lifeinthebestlightSG #bobbytonelli

2. Submit your pic/video to facebook.com/Transitions.Singapore with the same hashtags. Winners will be announced towards the end of December. ** Also Don't forget to tell us how Transitions can help you in your daily life

Have fun with this and best of luck!