Hear what Transitions lens wearers have to say.

    Januari 30, 2019
    Indoor Quality
    Jeffrey E. from Colorado Springs, CO
    Either takes forever to clear up inside dark rooms or will not clear up at all.

    Desember 4, 2018
    John G. from Ware, MA
    Very happy with Schultz service & their product. Thanks.

    November 16, 2018
    work only when in the light
    Steve C. from Austin, TX
    They do not work if you are in the shade looking at bright sunny scenes as in driving a car. Glasses have to be in direct sunlight to darken.

    November 14, 2018
    fun pair
    harvey f. from Oviedo, FL
    transition emerald with green flash mirror. a very fun pair not replace a good pair of polarized sunglasses but as a fun comfortable pair to wear.

    November 13, 2018
    Don't like them
    Harold K. from Foxboro, WI
    I live in northern Wisconsin. The colder and more overcast it is, the darker my lenses. They get darker than on a sunny hot day. And, they take a very long time to lighten. People have asked me why my lenses are so dark. My son has the same problem with his lenses.

    November 9, 2018
    Riley B. from St Francisville, LA
    They do not get dark enough in the car. I bought the XTRActive lenses especially for driving. I'm still needing regular sunglasses because they only have a very light tint in the car. If I had known this, I would not have purchased them.

    Oktober 27, 2018
    Transitions adaptive lenss
    james s. from Bad Axe, MI
    Clearer sight and reading of smaller numbers etc. after laser surgery by Dr. Pan located in Bay City, MI.

    Oktober 26, 2018
    VSP not included
    robert b. from Dallas, TX
    Went to the doctor to order a pair of prescription glasses with the NEW Transition Xtra active mirror lenses and the staff had no clue. They call the provider of my insurance and they said it wasnt covered and they lenses would be 800 dollars...they are not that nice.

    Oktober 24, 2018
    Michael M. from Charleston, WV
    Can barely notice a difference. I didnt know there were different types of transitions. Going to have these double checked to make sure they are working right and possibly switch to the darker version with the slight indoor tint. But so far I'm not very satisfied.

    Oktober 5, 2018
    Not dark enough for driving!
    Patricia P. from Arlington , TX
    These don’t get as dark as advertised for driving. I paid extra to avoid a second pair of sunglasses or clip ons for driving. Don’t waste your money.