Kembali ke Semua Artikel Mar 4 2015 How My Transitions Going So Far

On my daily basis, I honestly found that my new glasses has benefited me in so many ways. First of all, clearer vision . Told you guys on the earlier post that I’ve been having a little trouble to noticing to little details as my vision will unfocussed and a little blurry. I kinda ignored it and opted to be careless instead of visiting my GP, but after a consultation session and eventually converting to glasses+suggested prescripton, my vision is now clearer and reading small details is such a piece of cake and not to mention, with the help of Transitions® Signature Adaptive lens, its photochromic technology helps me protect my eyes from the harmful UV light as well as managing the amount of light to enhance my vision!You may think you can use ordinary clear lenses but you’re forgetting about UV protection! So do use Transitions® Signature lenses, that’s a long lasting commitment for great investment returns right there.