Kembali ke Semua Artikel Des 4 2014 Transitions Signature, Jawaban Lensa Kacamata untuk Orang-Orang Asia

Everyone needs a different type of glass lenses according to their needs. The use of wrong lens can reduce the eye’s ability to capture vision significantly. Transition Optical Inc Asia marketing manager, Lance Lim said his company has provided a unique lens called the transitions signature. This lens is guaranteed to help its wearers in every condition while maintaining visual clarity with the Life360 methodology. "This approach makes the Transition Signature lens able to adapt to weather conditions, geographical locations, the angle of light, temperature differences and ultraviolet rays,” he said on Thursday (4/12).

Lance said that his company has tested the product in Asian countries, especially in the southeast which generally have high level of humidity and thick clouds throughout the year. He added that the society’s active lifestyle is the basic pattern of producing this lens. The latest development in photochromic technology is also designed for modern lens wearers, so any lighting conditions do not disturb the lens wearers’ visual experience. "However, the color level of this lens can instantly adjust, so the wearers will feel comfortable,” he said. He also guaranteed that the lens gives the ultimate protection for its wearers to block dangerous ultraviolet light while maintaining a clear and sharp color perception,-Jawaban-Lensa-Kacamata-untuk-Orang-orang-Asia-