Kembali ke Semua Artikel Nov 24 2014 Transitions Signature Lenses can Adapt to the Environment

Transitions Signature Lenses can Adapt to the Environment

Looking stylish with Transitions Signature lenses that can adapt to light conditions JAKARTA, Living creatures need sunlight, but it also has hazardous effects. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation can lead to cataracts.

“The use of sunglasses can block UV radiation, but we have to be smart in choosing eyeglasses lenses that are comfortable to wear and able to block glares,” said Dr.Yudisianil E.Kamal, Sp.M (K), refraction and contact lenses division expert staff of RSCM Kirana, at the launch of Transitions Signature Lenses, Tuesday (18/11/14).

Indonesia still has high blindness rates, particularly cataracts. This can happen due to the use of inappropriate lens that can absorb many UV rays. “The more UV light that enters the eyes, the faster eye disturbances occur,” he said.

To meet public demand, Transitions Optical introduced the Transitions Signature Lenses that can improve visual experience of lens wearers in Asia Pacific; Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

These lenses have the latest Chromea7 technology and been tested with an exclusive measurement methodology, Life360. They can adapt to various lighting conditions.

Chromea7 technology, an exclusive dye formulation which enables the lens to be more responsive to the smallest change in light conditions outdoors while maintaining clarity indoors. Transitions Project Manager, Natalie Lau on the same occasion explained, “These lenses get darker if there is sun exposure, even from light reflected from cars or buildings, as they are more reactive to UV light”.

“These lenses also create clearer vision indoors and at night, and most importantly, anyone can wear these lenses anywhere,” she said. According to her, these lenses are also more reactive to lighting conditions outdoors, and more responsive to hotter temperatures. “In addition to fitting any prescription and frame, these lenses are also suitable for everyone, including children,” added Lance Lim, Regional Key Account and Marketing Manager.

Transitions’ adaptive sunglasses series includes a variety of products, adjusted to the partnerships with the best brands in their class. “These products are designed to provide visual benefits by enhancing contrast, sharpening colors, reducing glares and increasing perceptions of distance and depth,” added Lim. (evi)