Kembali ke Semua Artikel Nov 18 2014 Waspadai Efek Negatif Sinar Ultra Violet pada Mata

Beware of Negative Effects of Ultraviolet Rays on the Eyes

Eyes are very vulnerable to various disturbances, including sunlight. Ultraviolet light turns out not to only create glare, but also damage the optic nerve or retina.

According dr.Yudisianil E.Kamal, Sp.M (K), refraction and contact lenses division expert staff of RSCM Kirana, ultraviolet light can be toxic to the optic nerve or retina.

"Our eyes actually have media that can block unhealthy rays. They are the cornea and lens. The cornea will filter and absorb ultraviolet rays that may damage the retina,” he said at a discussion held by Transitions Optical in Jakarta (17/11).

However, continuous exposure of ultraviolet rays can create disturbances to the eyes, such as cataracts or pterygium disease (membrane on the eyes).

"Ultraviolet light is only one of the risk factors, in addition to age, diabetes and the use of steroid drugs,” he said. Therefore, protect your eyes from ultraviolet light exposure when you are in outdoor areas. For example, use hats or glasses that can block sunlight.

The development of technology in eyeglasses lenses has created photochromic lens that can protect the eyes from ultraviolet light and adapt more quickly in various lighting conditions. Lance Lim, Transitions Marketing Manager, said the latest generation of photochromic lens already has the adaptive ability to various lighting conditions, so it is more comfortable and creates clearer vision. With this technology, the lens will automatically adjust to changing environmental conditions.

"There are many eyeglasses lenses that claim to adopt the photochromic technology. But when it is worn inside a room, it is actually not that clear. A good lens should have excellent performance in any condition,” he said.

The use of photochromic lens, according to Yudusianil, can also help the eyes to get more shade in outdoor areas, so the pupils will become smaller and the vision will be sharper.

However, the use also needs to be adjusted to the needs. "For those whose jobs require precise brightness and color level, it should be considered,” he said.

However, he added, the more important thing is to check eye disorders at an eye doctor, so we can get the perfect lens size.