Transitions | Eyecare Practice of the Year, Retailer of the Year, Lab of the Year 2021


The Transitions Innovation Awards program recognizes and celebrates loyal partners and individual optical industry professionals from Canada and the U.S. who have shown the highest level of commitment to growing its business with Transitions Optical’s family of products and programs over the past year. Award categories include innovation and creativity in executing marketing programs; training and dispensing; strong results and growth with Transitions® lenses; and overall passion for and devotion to the Transitions® brand.

Who is eligible to apply?
Nominations are open to:

  • Independent eyecare professionals and practices
  • Optical industry professionals and educators
  • National and regional retailers
  • Optical laboratories
  • Managed Vision Care companies
  • Lens manufacturers and buying groups

All Transitions Innovation Award finalists will receive a trip for two team members to attend the 2022 Transitions Academy, January 16 - 19 in Orlando, Fla. Please note, if selected as a finalist for more than one category, two total spots will be provided. If you and/or your team are already registered for Transitions Academy, two of those existing reservations will be covered.

Some restrictions may apply. Eyecare professionals are invited to consult their professional code of ethics.

  • Awarded at Transitions Academy in Orlando


2021 Transitions Brand Ambassador

This award goes to the individual who best showcases their dedication to being an influential advocate of the Transitions brand, whether amplifying peer-to-peer conversations, social media or having an unparalleled commitment to incorporating Transitions lens products into their business goals, patient interactions, training efforts or promotion of healthy vision in their community.

Retailer of the Year, U.S. and Retailer of the Year, Canada

Awarded to a retailer for actively supporting the Transitions brand and demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the vision of their customers and communities. Retailers with 20 or more locations are eligible for this award. The award will be presented to one retailer from the US and one retailer from Canada. Nominees are judged on several factors, including overall photochromic growth; efforts to support the Transitions brand through marketing programs and promotions; quality of education provided to optical employees; efforts to promote healthy sight in their local community and support and involvement with public service programs; and an overall commitment to educating customers about the importance of healthy sight and benefits of Transitions lenses.

Best in Training

Presented to an individual, company or educator that has shown creativity in developing or offering training and education opportunities that include dispensing photochromics, the Transitions brand or family of products. This could include integrating Transitions Optical’s messaging or education resources into staff or industry training efforts, or helping to increase participation in training events that include Transitions Optical (such as CE training seminars, education and other training offered through lab and/or lens manufacturer partners).

Best in Marketing

Awarded to an individual or company for employing creative and strategic marketing tactics to effectively promote the Transitions brand or family of products among customers or within their communities. Marketing initiatives could include incorporating the Transitions brand within marketing and advertising campaigns, sales/staff promotions, point-of-sale, in-office materials, or digital communications (email, website, social media, etc). Nominees should also demonstrate how the execution of the marketing tactics helped to “break through the clutter” and add value to their business objectives.

Eyecare Practice of the Year U.S.

The Eyecare Practice of the Year Award recognizes independent eyecare practices and retailers with less than 20 locations in the U.S. that are actively promoting healthy sight to their patients and within their local communities, and who have demonstrated excellence in supporting the Transitions brand. All nominees are evaluated on their performance in several factors, including commitment to photochromic growth; alignment to Transitions Optical and participation in programs and promotions; marketing initiatives; education and training efforts; and community involvement.

Eyecare Practice of the Year Canada

The Eyecare Practice of the Year Award recognizes independent eyecare practices and retailers with less than 20 locations in Canada that are actively promoting healthy sight to their patients and within their local communities, and who have demonstrated excellence in supporting the Transitions brand. All nominees are evaluated on their performance in several factors, including commitment to photochromic growth; alignment to Transitions Optical and participation in programs and promotions; marketing initiatives; education and training efforts; and community involvement.

How to Enter

Show us your Transitions achievements and commitments in 2020! Using the evaluation areas provided below, create your entry in a PowerPoint or Word document (feel free to use these suggested templates at Include any supporting materials, such as images and links to examples, to help tell your story.

Nominations for the Transitions Innovation Awards are now open until October 31, 2021. Visit to complete the online nomination form and submit your entry. An unbiased judging committee will evaluate the program/work based on the four evaluation areas - commitment and inspiration, goals, plan and creativity, and impact and results. Nominees are welcome to enter more than one category and can self-enter, or can be nominated by a lab, lens manufacturer, industry colleague or other industry organization representative. Please submit a separate entry for each category that you are entering.

Award finalists will be notified in October to secure travel plans. For additional information and questions, please contact Transitions Customer Service at

Some restrictions may apply. Eyecare professionals are invited to consult their professional code of ethics.

Commitment and Inspiration

What prompted your dedication to the Transitions brand this year? What was the inspiration behind your work? Was it in response to an existing problem or was it a new objective?


What did you hope to achieve? Who were you trying to reach and how did their needs, preferences, opinions play a role?

Plan and Creativity

How did you plan to achieve your goals? What innovative approaches did you use to help you succeed? Did you use a completely new approach, a tried-and-true tactic or a mix of both? How was the Transitions brand or products included in your plans? Be sure to take pictures along the way and include them in your entry!

Impact and Results

How did things turn out? How did you evaluate your success? Did you meet - or exceed - your goals? How will you build on your success? How did you impact Transitions lens sales? If relevant, be sure to include your photochromic lens sales (including pair growth and share of overall mix).

Congratulations to all 2020 Transitions Innovation Awards Winners!

Learn more about their award winning entries.

  • Best in Marketing:
    Webb Eyecare
  • US Eyecare Practice of the Year: Wauseon Eye Care
  • Best in Training: Vision Care Centre
  • Canada Eyecare Practice of the Year: Lunetterie Milot
  • US Retailer of the Year: Dr. Tavel’s Family Eyecare
  • Transitions Brand Ambassador: Rachel Hill
  • Who will be on the stage
    at the next
    Transitions Academy... you?

  • Located in Nebraska, Webb Eyecare has 3 locations in Scottsbluff, Alliance, and Bridgeport. In 2020 Webb Eyecare doubled down on a plan to increase Transitions lens sales with a variety of marketing initiatives.

    On social media, they utilized Facebook and Instagram to reach patients with campaigns including a “Transitions Tuesday” where they educated on Transitions lenses and shared photos of staff in their style colors and mirrors. They also upgraded their office with Transitions POP throughout, added a Transitions video that played for patients in the exam room, and created a kids “Magic Lenses” station in their optical for children to try Transitions lenses for themselves.

    With their efforts, Webb Eyecare saw significantly more millennials and children interested in Transitions lenses. They were also able to increase their Transitions lens share by 12%, getting the practice to over 40% Transitions lens sales.

    Started in 2016, Wauseon Eye Care is a single location eyecare practice located in Wauseon, Ohio with two optometrists, a staff of six, and 7,222 active patients.

    To achieve their goals for 2020 Wauseon Eye Care employed a number of training and marketing efforts. To encourage conversations about Transitions lenses they had every member of the team complete the Transitions Specialist program and wear their pins, and they also provided a complete pair of eyewear with Transitions lenses and a UV flashlight to each staff member so that they can demonstrate how Transitions lenses work. Their robust marketing plan included initiatives like creating an interactive display with a demo of every Transitions lens option, installing a Transitions window graphic and billboard-sized wall wrap in their reception, social media posting that included working with a micro-influencer, and community outreach with Transitions branded products and demonstrations at their local pool and a golf tournament.

    With the above-mentioned tactics and much more, Wauseon Eye Care Exceeded their goals by growing their Transitions lens sales to 28% of total sales – a 66% increase!

    Vision Care Centre is an independent eyecare practice located in Scarborough, ON that focused their training efforts in 2020 on Peer-to-Peer training to increase the awareness of Transitions lenses to other independent eyecare practices.

    Vision Care Centre connected with two practices, one in Ontario and one in New Brunswick, to launch their new training program. The training started with a virtual kick-off call and then an execution plan that included fitting the entire team with Transitions lenses, implementing having all patients’ lenses assessed with UV flashlights, providing pamphlets in office, having sample Transitions lens colors in office with a UV activator, and training optometrists, opticians, and dispensers to sell Transitions lenses with language on how to handle objections. The program also included a site visit and check-ins for further support if needed.

    In the Ontario office that participated in the training, pairs of Transitions lenses sold in 2020 increased 190% in October, 260% in November, and 240% in December compared to 2019. Additionally, in the New Brunswick office, pairs of Transitions lenses sold in 2020 increased 200% in November, and 100% in December compared to 2019. In addition to helping other offices and with limited hours and less patients seen each day, Vision Care Centre still saw a 2% increase in Transitions lenses sold in their own practice in 2020.

    Lunetterie Milot was founded in 1978 and now has two branches that are entirely renovated and in constant evolution, offering its clientele a modern and avant-garde atmosphere.

    In 2020, Lunetterie Milot aimed to change the mindsets of their patients by offering Transitions lenses to all patients. In order to help with this, they implemented several tactics including in-person and online training for all team members, a 30 Day Transitions Challenge where they recommended Transitions lenses to all patients, and having all team members fitted with Transitions lenses. They also increased Transitions branding in their office with a semi-permanent Transitions Style Bar, a Transitions wall featuring all colors and style mirrors, Transitions table tents, and a style colors video on their TV display by reception.

    By revising the way they approached recommending Transitions lenses, Lunetterie Milot’s total share of Transitions lenses sold increased 420.6% in 2020 compared to 2019.

    Dr. Tavel is a family-owned business that began with one location in 1940 and is now operating 23 locations across Indiana. Dr. Tavel’s Family Eyecare continues to focus on convenience, access, and affordability for more than 80 years throughout all of their offices.

    Upon returning to business in the “new normal,” team Tavel went to work planning additional education opportunities and tailoring promotions around Transitions Lenses for the last 6 months of 2020. Their plans included training efforts like Transitions Specialist Certification and Certified Provider programming for all retail staff, hosting a Tavel x Transitions Specialist Trivia Bowl to test team member knowledge on their training, and encouraging team members to participate in the Transitions “Light Up Your Sales” Day of Education event. Promotional efforts included Transitions lens integration into their back-to-school promotion, staff contests ran through their internal chat channel, and increased Transitions branding through their TV monitor loop that plays in store and paid media efforts.

    Dr. Tavel’s Family Eyecare saw great results with 12,188 pairs of Transitions lenses sold in 2020, leading to an increase in overall penetration from 12.5% to 17.2% in August 2020.

    Rachel Hill is a licensed Optician in Ontario, Canada with over 25 years of experience. Rachel is a second-generation Optician and the owner of Personal Optical / Personal Eyez.

    Her goal for 2020 was to try to educate parents about the importance of a child’s eye exam, screen time and blue light absorption both indoors and outdoors, while also making certain that patients were comfortable in the optical boutique. Rachel also utilized social media, presented Transitions® education courses, and created a “Transitions Style Bar” to help promote the product to all of her patients.

    All of these efforts resulted in an increase of over 110% in engagement on both Facebook and Instagram, and a 2.1% increase in Transitions® lens share of overall sales in 2020 compared to 2019.