Transitions Innovation Awards

Recognition for loyal partners who are enhancing vision and who actively support the Transitions® brand.


1. Download and review the 2017 Transitions Innovation Awards Program Summary for information on eligibility, description of awards and evaluation areas.

2. Create a supporting entry document, highlighting the evaluation areas to be considered for the Transitions Innovation Awards.

  • Entry should be a maximum of 10 slides / pages and include supporting materials, such as images and links to examples, to help tell the story.
  • Entry must be a .ppt, .pptx, .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. Entry templates available: PowerPoint or Word.
  • Files must not exceed 10 MB. See tips on reducing file size below.
  • An Innovation Awards workbook and presentation are also available to assist with the nomination process, as well as provide a structured way to focus on and track your goals throughout the year.

3. Complete online nomination form and upload the required entry presentation.

4. Nominations will only be accepted through this online form. Deadline extended: Entries now due November 7.


5. Enter your email to receive a reminder when nominations open:

Awarded at Transitions Academy 2018 in Orlando

Nominations Now Open!

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Tips on Reducing File Size

To find out the size of your file, go to wherever you saved your file. Right-click on it. Select “Properties” which will provide the file size. The file needs to be 10MB or smaller.

Tip 1:

Do not embed any videos in your presentation. Instead, you may link to a video that is online, such as on YouTube.

Tip 2:

  • For PowerPoint or Word, downsize images
  • First, simply select an image (any one will do) in your presentation.
  • Format picture tool bar, select the Compress Pictures option.
  • In the options, make sure that you apply it to ALL pictures in the file. Also, you will want to choose to delete cropped areas of pictures.
  • After doing this, Save As with a new filename.
  • This should decrease the size.

Tip 3:

For PowerPoint or Word, save file as a PDF instead

  • Often, when you print the file to a PDF, it will automatically compress the size.

Tip 4:

For PDF files, save file with a new name

  • Oftentimes, just saving the file with a new name will automatically compress the file and provide you with a smaller file.

Tip 5:

Zip up file

  • Go to wherever you saved your file.
  • Right-click on it.
  • Select “Send to” in the pop-up menu.
  • Then, select “Compressed (zipped) folder”.
  • Hopefully, the new .zip file may be saved down to under 10MB.