Transitions® Lenses Are For Kidz!

Proper eye care for kidz - Generation Z - is the focus of a range of valuable resources now available for professionals looking to better serve these important patients.

Educational Resources

Kidz Abo Course

ABO Course

In this presentation, learn about how different generations think about and use their eyes – and what that means for the next generation of eyeglass wearers in terms of childhood development and education on protection.

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Kidz Short Course

Short Course

The short course covers information on the generational differences when it comes to thinking about eye health. It provides the information included in the ABO course in a condensed format.

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Kidz Brochure

What to Expect Brochure

This resource provides parents with information on keeping their children’s eyes healthy – including signs of vision loss, environmental risks and more.

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Point of Sale Materials

Kidz Package Sheet

Package Sheet

Display this package sheet in your practice and educate your patients on the benefits of Transitions lenses

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Kidz Countercard

Counter Card

Make sure parents know the importance of proper eye care for their kids with this counter card.

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Kidz Leave Behind

Leave Behind

Did you know that Generation Z represents nearly a quarter of Canada’s population? This resource provides information on Generation Z and emphasizes the importance of regular eye exams for children.

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Practice Resources

Kidz Screening Letter

Screening letter

This letter provides a letter template for reaching out to schools and daycares to offer vision screenings.

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Kidz Healthcare Letter

Healthcare Community letter

This letter provides information on reaching out to your local healthcare community leader and requesting that they share information about the importance of regular vision screenings.

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Kidz Permission Letter

Permission letter

The Permission letter provides information for reaching out to schools that do not allow students to wear sunglasses and requesting that the schools allow students to wear Transitions lenses.

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Kidz Social Media

Social Media Posts

Download these social posts and images that you can use to promote eye care and eye health for people of all ages.

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