White Papers

At Transitions Optical, we value research and insights from panel discussions. Check out these white papers to broaden your knowledge of photochromic technology and industry trends.

Light, Sight, and Photochromics

This monograph focuses on the latest research in vision-related quality of life, and details an independent study conducted at New York University in which patients evaluated their visual experiences wearing Transitions Lenses versus regular, clear lenses.

Contributors: Christopher Baldy, PhD; Vivienne Greenstein, PhD; Karen Holopigian, PhD; William Seiple, PhD; Susa

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A Multidisciplinary Approach Challenging Current Thinking on UV and Glare

This paper advocates a multi-disciplinary approach to UV and glare education and public outreach efforts to increase awareness. This paper is the result of a roundtable convened by Transitions Optical which included ophthalmologists, optometrists, and a range of optical and non-optical medical professionals and researchers.

Contributors: Stephen Brunton, MD; Kenji Hamada, OD; Adelaide Hebert, MD; Richard Judelsohn, MD; Steven Lichtenstein, MD; Paula Newsome, OD; Knut Stamnes, PhD; Susan Stenson, MD

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The Benefits of Early Ocular UV Protection in Children: An Overview

This paper raises awareness of the need for ocular protection in children, covering the correlation of UV exposure to incidences of ocular conditions later in life.

Contributors: Steven Lichtenstein, MD

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Beyond 20-20 Contrast Sensitivity, Glare, and Quality of Vision

Addressing the question of what truly constitutes good or normal vision, this paper considers both quantity of vision, as measured by Snellen acuity, as well as quality of vision, which factors in both contrast sensitivity and glare.

Contributors: Susan Stenson, MD, and Denis Fisk

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Fostering Healthy Sight in Canada: Focus on Kids

Includes insights related to vision care, vision wear and education “musts” to promote kids eye health provided by seven roundtable participants from optical- and kids-focused professions.

Contributors: Trisha BealRachel Hill–Campbell, opticienne, Gilbert Fortier, Lorne Kashin, Margaret LeslieChristine Preece, Kerrie St. Jean

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Fostering Healthy Sight in Canada: Focus on Culturally Diverse Groups

Ethnic minorities in Canada are quickly becoming the majority. Now eyecare professionals need to deliver more culturally appropriate vision care.

Contributors: Vi Tu Banh, O.D., Michael Kaplan, O.D., Upen Kawale, O.D., Trevor Ludski, B.A., M.Ed., Richard Winn, Optician, Wael Yassein, Optician.

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Fostering Collaborative Vision Care in Canada

This consensus paper overviews Canadian perceptions of eyecare professionals and collaborative care and the importance and benefits of collaborative vision care.

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How Transitions® Lenses Filter Harmful Blue Light

A detailed guide into research centered on harmful blue light focusing specifically on how Transitions lenses filter harmful blue light indoors and out.

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